Welcome to my bastion of excellence

Want to check out my mobile games? What about some snazzy html5 websites? I'm always cooking something.



What's here?

This website serves as a central repository for all of my visual hobby projects. I mostly only add things to this site that I can consider finished in some fashion.

If you're curious about some of my more experimental stuff then checkout my github page.


Who Am I

I'm a proud dad who loves to skateboard and hack on games. I enjoy candle lit dinners with ocaml and frolicking in the meadow with javascript.

What I Do

Anything that piques my curiousity. I have an unquenchable thirst for solving new and difficult problems. I'm a solutions designer.

Where I Do

I'm strategically located in the tech mecca that is Englewood, Colorado. I work out of my house at the hours of my choosing.